Comments from the Fairhaven Middle School Students

Let us remember, and take heart from,   how insightful and thoughtful our children are in the US. .Middle school children .   Read on:

....This makes me feel devastated because young kids have been twisted to become killers. I also feel guilty, how people in America will die of drug overdoses when kids in Uganda are forced to kill other kids and will be murdered. - Ellie W.

Today, everything I have heard and seen has moved me. To imagine that CHILDREN, just like me, are put in the conditions with disgusting or no food. Not only that, but they are forced to kill their own friends and are in jeopardy of death every second. I felt scared and sad for these poor kids. If I was a boy of 10 years old and was suddenly captured and taught to kill people life would never be the same. Nor would being a girl and being forced to be some random guy's wife be a happy thought. In the midst of all these negative feelings, I also had a deep respect for Mary Westring. She and her supporters helped 31, I repeat, 31 kids go to school and be in a safer place. Though she was modest saying it wasn't much, I think that is a big deal! 31 children, all that were captured and tormented, now get a second chance in life to go for! Thank you Ms. Westring for coming to talk to us. - Lily G.

....After the knowledge that Mrs. Mary Westring shared with the class, it makes me sad for Ugandan kids abducted into the army because if it disturbs me just to hear about it, imagine how the kids who went through that experience feel. If I was ever put in that situation, I don't know what I would do. It makes me wonder if I would be brave enough to escape or if I would die in captivity after the rebels had what they wanted from me - Meridian R.

I thought that Mrs. Westring's presentation was very powerful and it really got the message across of how terrible it was and still is in Uganda. What really got to me was those drawings with a picture of former child soldiers that told the story of what horrible things happened to him/her when they did nothing to deserve it in the first place. All in all it really shocked me and I hope others will get the chance to hear what this lady has to say. - Ryan B.

.....What I thought was interesting was that these kids had never held a paint brush but yet they are so good at painting. Hearing the things and stories that Mary Westring told us has made me want to help these kids. - Megan M.

....Those pictures were very horrifying on the murals and I was surprised to see that the Ugandan children hoped to be in school and how much school costs. I found this surprising because here in America we are privileged enough to not have to pay for high school. Also I was shocked when I saw what the abducted children had to go through....It was very terrible and people who have killed must have tons of nightmares and horrible dreams of those they have killed. This Joseph Kony guy seems like a very bad person and needs to be stopped. His Ten Commandment idea is just very dumb. First of all, you can't tell people to follow the Ten Commandments when you yourself are not following them. Joseph Kony is just one huge jerk. - Kevin V.

....I had no idea America could be so good compared to those other countries. I am really thankful of the life I have and I still think something should be done so other kids in those countries could have a life as good as mine. - Danny S.

...I was disgusted at how evil some people, like Joseph Kony, can be. I was saddened and appalled at these children's life styles and how the government hasn't done anything about it. I mean, sheesh! How self-centered or "busy" can a person (or group of people) get? - Courtney M.

....After our lesson was over I had a new understanding of how wonderful my life is. By thoroughly examining the murals that Ugandan children made I could start to understand the brutality and terrors these children see throughout their lives..... - Anna J.

...that Kony guy must be really messed up to think that by killing people he can enforce the Ten Commandments. I wish I could hear his side of the story though, because Mary is very biased against Kony. I think that even when I hear Kony's perspective I'll still think he's wrong, but never-the-less, I'd like to hear both sides of the story.   I kept thinking about what would be on a mural if our class were to make one. Ipods, skiing, sports, shopping. We are so lucky compared to the Ugandan kids....- Katie D.

...I think all of this should stop because with this going on it is sad, and is killing off a culture that may carry some important facts.   The last way I felt was glad because I do not go through this, but we all know what happens when empathy kicks in, so I was so glad for about three seconds, then I felt super sad. - Payton W.

...It's just like a stranger comes came into my house and took EVERYTHING I own. And then kidnap me and hold me outside of the house doing abusing things to me! It's terrible! And here we are worrying about people in America and we complain about what happens to us when we should really look around us. I look at what the little kids want to be when they grow up and I just think they'll never accomplish their perfect dream if we keep being selfish and not help them. Seeing the children all miserable was (I think) our fault (the Americans). Don't they care about others? Don't they even think about if they were in the children's place? It just makes me sick. - Randi B.

...I also feel goad that many are recovering and still feel like they have bright futures. ....I feel I cannot express how much I feel for these children in Uganda.  - Kenora V.D.

...After I saw the second mural I thought to myself , "Oh, my God, how could these kids be so brave and live through this?" It made me think how easy my life is. - Collin

...I feel so greedy when all they get is a soccer ball made out of rags. I complain to my parents when I don't want to eat something that I don't like when these kids would die to have some food. It's crazy. They don't have running water and I take a shower every day. life compared to theirs is like royalty. ... - Mena H.

...If my project were not Global Warming I would do something to protect Africans. - Erica C.