Charles, age 15
One year in captivity

"These are rebels walking. They captured a person who was working in a field. He became part of the rebel army. The woman came out of her house they asked her some questions. I am the person with the tool digging in a field. This is when I was captured. I was fourteen. Now I am fifteen."

Patrick, age 15
Four months in captivity

"This is a journalist talking to the boys. I am at the top. There are walking sticks on the ground."

Parick, age 16
Two months in captivity

"Father was sleeping in this house (on right). I was sleeping in this house. Around midnight they came straight to where I was sleeping and ordered me out of the house. Then we walked away. We came to a man who was cutting a tree. They shot him in the arm. We walked again and met a man and shot him dead. A car came and they shot it with a P.K. gun."

Milly Grace, age 21
One year in captivity

"This is my home where I lived"

Christopher, age 15
One month in captivity

"This is the moment I was abducted. The commander is in the rear. I am next carrying a heavy load. While we were moving they captured a grown-up man. They tied his hands behind his back. We walked two days with the grown-up man. After two days they killed him because they said he was a rich person and they demanded money. The man said he didn't have any money so they cut him with a machete and pierced him with a bayonet"

Francis, age 18
Three and one half months in captivity

"We were beginning to cross the road. I am carrying (third from left) a very heavy load on my head and pans and a bag on my back. It was very heavy. A car was coming. They hit it with an RPG. Next to the road was a homestead. Inside was a woman. They asked her a question and she answered arrogantly. A rebel had an axe but he did not kill her. A dove flew out of her house."

Richard Clarence , age 14
Five months in captivity

"This is an ambush of a civilian bus. They burned the bus. The lieutenant is a government soldier on a motorcycle. The passengers ran away. They killed the lieutenant. I am behind the rebels taking a drink and there are many looted things."

Justin, age 12
One month in captivity

"These are people. I saw it. These are rebels and government soldiers. They are fighting. The big man is telling the rebels to run. I cannot be seen. I was carrying a lot of luggage. The commander is telling us to run. Whenever anyone would shoot I would fall down to the ground. I was scared."